Posts made in May 2023

How Hot Tubs Enhance Your Cabin Experience

For families seeking the ultimate relaxing vacation, Cheat River Lodge and Cabins strongly recommends choosing cabins with hot tubs in West Virginia. This amenity helps ensure you’ll have a good time as you kick back on your private deck and enjoy beautiful, natural scenery. Even better, hot tubs have a lot of health benefits to offer you, such as:

Decreases Stress and Anxiety

Too much stress often leads to other health issues like anxiety, headaches, and high blood pressure. Sometimes, you must take time out of your busy schedule to take it easy and put your mind and body at ease. And you can do these things by staying in our accommodation units that offer beautiful views you can enjoy from a seat in your own private hot tub.

Improves Blood Circulation

Good circulation is essential in maintaining your overall health. And the soothing, warm water in a hot tub can help significantly improve your blood circulation. Hot tubs allow your blood vessels to dilate, facilitating blood flow straight to your fingers and toes. This also helps lower your blood pressure. You’ll surely feel amazing while relaxing in the water and after hopping out of the hot tub.

Whenever you are looking for the perfect riverfront cabin with a hot tub for you and your family to enjoy, turn to us. We’ll offer you a relaxing space where your friends and family will always feel at home.

Why You Should Stay in a West Virginia Treehouse Cabin on Your Next Vacation

Treehouse camping continues to become a popular vacationing experience in the U.S., especially in West Virginia. Treehouses used to be just a play area for kids. But now, many families prefer this type of accommodation because treehouses have become pretty high-tech, featuring amenities like air conditioning and fully stocked kitchens—perfect for those looking to take their camping experience to the next level.

Here are some epic reasons why you should try living in a treehouse cabin in West Virginia on your next vacation:

Unplug from Technology

Treehouses are surrounded by beautiful natural sceneries that will distract you away from your electronic devices and help clear your mind. One of the best parts about vacationing in nature is that it allows you to reset and recharge away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

Feel Like a Kid Again

Being an adult can be stressful sometimes. If you’re looking for a vacation place where you can relax and feel like a kid again, a treehouse vacation is perfect for you. Staying in a treehouse will help bring some childhood nostalgia back into your life.

Enjoy a Private Vacation

Staying in a treehouse allows you to have a private and intimate vacation. Whether planning a family trip or a romantic getaway, you’ll appreciate feeling high up in the trees, away from the rest of the world.