Emergency Services (ambulance, police, fire) are available by calling 911. Cell phone service is available, but limited. We monitor our phone 24/7 and can be contacted at (304) 636-2301. Prepare your vehicle for winter travel as you may encounter snow-covered roads during winter months. Four-wheel drive is best


Additional occupant charges will apply for each person five years of age or older. Rates are based on two-person occupancy. Maximum occupancy rules apply for each property. Only registered guests are permitted on the property.


Your accommodation will be available after 3 pm. Check-in will occur at our new office located at.46 Faulkner Road Elkins, WV 26241. Your key will be in the lime colored mailbox along with a map to the properties which are located further down Faulkner Rd. This new office location is under renovation so you may find it in disarray. Please note we will leave the lights and tv on for you. We are available by phone (304 636-2301) should you need assistance.


Check out is 11 am on the date of your scheduled departure. Please do your own dishes. Leave the key by the table and the door unlocked.


All advance reservations are subject to our cancellation policy. Cancellations are accepted only by telephone during business hours of 9 am to 5 pm daily. Refunds are made only if we are able to re-rent the accommodation for each night that it was originally reserved. Credit card processing fees may apply. Once a reservation is confirmed, any request for a change to the number of days that were originally reserved is considered a 'cancellation' and is handled as such.


No additional fees for cleaning will be charged, provided the accommodation is left tidy and picked up with furniture returned to its proper position. Thorough cleaning of kitchen equipment, dinnerware, and cooking utensils is required. Linens are provided at no charge. Bed linens are very expensive, and you will be charged for 'replacement' should they become soiled. Soiled linens are not cleaned; they are destroyed. If we are made aware of special needs, our staff will try to accommodate your requests. Additional fees will be charged for damage caused by pets, including 'extra' cleaning to carpets, bed linens, or furniture. Whether caused by accident or carelessness of occupancy or pet owners, additional fees will exist if pet owners allow their pets to get on the beds or furniture.


We welcome property inspections and encourage a person to do so prior to making a reservation. This ensures that they are selecting a property that best suits their needs. When an 'advance' reservation requested, the right to refuse accommodation at check-in is forfeited as no guarantee of satisfaction is implied. We make every attempt to keep all equipment and appliances operational. However, we realize that we are in a rural area where service personnel are limited. For this reason, we will not guarantee certain utilities such as TV, telephone, etc. In these instances, we reserve the right to evaluate each situation individually as to whether refunds are due.

We do not make refunds because of inclement or undesirable weather. Refunds will be made for personal emergencies, provided that the accommodation is re-rented (see the cancellation policy above). Allergy sufferers beware. We allow pets. We are also located on the banks of the river, whereas the humidity generated by the wet environment may be bothersome. The cleaning agents used are ones that are common to general housekeeping. Should any of these items be of particular concern to you, please inquire about specifics prior to making an advance reservation. We welcome walk-ins and suggest this for persons with special needs. Without being encumbered by a financial commitment, persons with special needs may first determine whether accommodation is suitable.


The internet has given us all the ability to complain to the world. Harsh reviews are as easy as picking up a cell phone. Certain rental sites ask us to 'review our clients.' We feel that this is an invasion of your privacy, and will not participate. In addition, we will not hound you with solicitations or advertisements. Likewise, we ask that you give our staff a fair chance to correct issues that may occur during your stay. They care to make your stay the best it can be as they realize that harsh, negative reviews jeopardize their employment.


With the rental of this property, you agree to abide by the rules listed below. You will be responsible for the conduct of the occupants. We suggest that you share with them these policies and house rules. The cost of mitigating damages will be charged to your credit card. If laws are broken, fines will be assessed. LAW ENFORCEMENT WILL BE NOTIFIED IF YOUR ACTIVITIES ON OUR PROPERTY ENDANGER THE HEALTH OR WELFARE OF OUR STAFF. No refunds will be made if you are asked to vacate the premise.


No ATV use on our property, grounds, or gravel drive.


It is illegal to smoke inside, or anywhere outside near the shelter of the roofline. The law will be enforced by the WV State Troopers. The fines are severe. You will be forced to pay for the mitigation of the smoke contamination, which is a costly procedure.


We welcome mature pets in any of our facilities with certain restrictions. Under no circumstances may pets be left unattended. Do not tie dogs outside. One pet permitted per residence. A pet fee will apply. CATS are not permitted because they can create severe allergic reactions to others.

Gas Logs and Fire Safety:

If the property is equipped with a gas log, then it is also equipped with a 'protective screen.' THIS IS NOT TO BE REMOVED ANYTIME FOR ANY REASON. If we determine that you have removed the screen, we will assume that you have tampered with the system. For the safety of others, we will require that you pay for an emergency re-inspection of the system by a certified technician. This service call will be costly. If the logs are not functioning properly, you must contact the office. Explosive gas and smoke detectors have been installed. If they beep, please notify the office, DO NOT remove the battery.


DO not walk on the lids as they are not designed to support any weight. It is unsafe for pregnant women or young children to use a hot tub. Certain hair treatments can react to the chemicals used. Do not add any chemicals, fragrance enhancers, or bubbling substances to the water. This will require that the system be shut down and thoroughly serviced. This procedure is costly, and you will be required to pay for it.


Be prepared with four-wheel drive as snowy road conditions are likely. WE are not able to provide a tow service.


Charcoal grilling is permitted, and BBQ grills are provided. 'Open' burning such as campfires are not permitted and is sometimes illegal due to seasonal banning. The Fire Marshall will impose fines. Only charcoal briquettes are to be used on the barbecue grills, and do not grill on the wooden decks.


Please park in designated (gravel) areas. Water and septic lines could be damaged if you drive across the grassed areas.


This is illegal on our properties, and WV State Troopers will enforce the law. Penalties are severe.