Policy Information


If occupancy exceeds the number of persons shown, the reservation may be subject to additional fee of $ 25 per person per day. Maximum occupancy is 10 persons. The property is only to be used by those residing on premise. The Bella Sera is not suitable for small children.

1) Advance Reservations: When booking more than 3 months in advance, a pre-payment of 50% of the total cost will be required to secure the reservation. Personal check, money order, or credit card check may be used. The remaining balance will be due 2 months prior to your check-in. A credit card will be requested to process the payment. We accept MasterCard, VISA, and Discover. Adjustments to your bill will be made for changes in occupancy.

When booking less than 2 months in advance, full payment will be required to secure the reservation. VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit card may be used.

All reservations are subject to our cancellation policies.

2) Cancellations: Notification must be given by telephone during business hours (10am to 8pm daily). Acknowledgement of the change in status will be emailed to you. In order to receive a refund, the property must completely re -rent. Credit card processing fees may apply. Once a reservation is confirmed, any request of change to the number of days that have been reserved is considered a “cancellation”, and is handled as such.

3) Guarantees: We make every attempt to keep all equipment and appliances operational. We are not able to guarantee certain utilities like TV cable, internet, etc. We do not make refunds because of inclement, or undesirable weather conditions. Vacation insurance is available. Refunds will be made for personal emergencies provided the property re -rents(see cancellation policy above). Allergy sufferers beware; we cannot guarantee that the property is void of certain allergens. The cleaning agents and laundry detergents used are common household products. We welcome property inspections, and encourage a person to do so prior to making a reservation. Without being encumbered by a financial commitment, this ensures that you are selecting a property that best suits your needs.

4) Guidelines for Use: A guideline for use of the property will be provided. You will be asked to review it, and acknowledge its receipt by email. Please share it with your guests as you will be held responsible for their conduct. If law enforcement is called to the property, you will be
asked to vacate and no refunds will be made. You will be responsible for damages; a credit card will be used to mitigate this cost. Renters insurance is available.

5) Restrictions: The property is not suitable for young children. Pets are not permitted. It is against the law to smoke inside the house.

6) Check In: The home will be ready after 4pm. We will do a walk through prior to your arrival. For your convenience we will leave the front door unlocked with the key inside. If you prefer, we can use a lock box. You will find the beds made. Two sets of towels will be provided for each bedroom. A complimentary supply of soaps, detergents, and household paper products will be on hand. Additional supplies will be at the expense of the occupants.

7) Check Out: House cleaners are due on premise at 10:30am. Provided the house is picked up, dishes cleaned, etc there will be no additional fees for cleaning.

8) Emergencies: use 9-1-1 for medical and fire. For other assistance, please notify us at (304) 636-2301.

9) Acknowledgement of Terms and Policies: If your reservation request calls for a 50% deposit, please print and sign this registration form and return by mail along with your payment. Once received, we will email you a confirmation. Your reservation will then be ‘guaranteed’.

If your reservation request calls for a full pre -payment, please return the registration form by email with a note saying that you “agree with the terms and policies. We will then process your credit card, and email you a confirmation. Your reservation will then be ‘guaranteed’.